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Originally established as Perry & Megnin, co-founder Pete Megnin graduated from the College of Forestry at Syracuse University and became a barrel inspector at Seagram’s after serving in the war. During the mid-1960s he addressed a congressional subcommittee as an expert witness  on matters pertaining to the barrel industry. His passion and knowledge of forestry and the barrel industry was a driving force in the companies commitment to quality excellence.

In 2002, controlling interest in the mill was acquired by the Nadalié family, who have been in the cooperage business since 1902. Today the Group is operated by 3 Nadalié brothers, with production facilities in the US, France, and Australia. With 5 generations of history comes a deep respect for time honored traditions. Growing up in the family meant learning some key philosophies at an early age: honesty, the significance of quality, the art of the craft, and above all respect for the customer. 

A family of foresters, there's also an appreciation of all Mother Nature provides. The company is proud to support conservation efforts such as the White Oak Initiative and the American Forest Foundation, with the belief that doing so honors the legacy of those that came before, while looking ahead and protecting the earth for future generations to come.

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Our Most Important Resource

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Chief Decision Maker

Dakota is a decorated Navy Veteran born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Joining the team in 2021 as General Manager, he brings dedication to the craft and a contagious enthusiasm for the job with him to work each day (oh yeah, and also his dog. It was a package deal).



Queen of Multitasking

Starting in 2011, Jen has jumped in where/when needed and has worn a lot of hats in the last 10 years. As Office Manager, she's learned the art of organization and multi-tasking (even without all those extra arms).

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Head of Customer Wow

Taylor was first hired at Megnin Mills as part of the Production team. Her hard work and "can do" attitude caught management's attention, eventually earning her a coveted position in the front office (not coveted because it's a great job, mainly because it's warm during the cold winters).

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Mr. Makes It Happen

As Foreman, Tyler often describes his job as similar to herding cats..."it's not always easy, and may not look glamorous or pretty, but when everyone's working together it's a beautiful thing". We're just going to have to take his word for that one.

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Company Mascot

Riley grew up a Military brat, which gives her the ability to fit in just about anywhere. A total foodie, she loves a good whine and cuddle sessions in the break room. Riley enjoys long walks in the Mill yard, riding shotgun, and staying fit by chasing after squirrels.

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